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Newspaper Stixx - Creative Workshops - Incorporating the S.T.E.A.M subjects 

The workshops are engaging hands on experiences that encourage the creative reuse of materials.


The Stixx Machine is hand operated and portable. Children and young adults of all abilities can use it to roll newspaper sheets into rigid construction rods.

Through exploration and experimentation with the rods, imaginative three dimensional structures, and sculptures can be built.


The activities make the learning memorable by promoting collaboration, communication, design thinking skills and a sense of enjoyment.

Subject areas 


The workshops are developed in collaboration with teachers and tutors, linking with and across the primary and secondary curriculum:


Visual Arts


Environmental and Sustainable Design


Craft, Design and Technology 




Furniture Design 

Costume and Fashion 

Inspirational topics



Geometric Design and Pattern


Architectural Structures and Frames

Geodesic Domes


Eco Design


Platonic Shapes


Model Making   

Educational settings


The Newspaper Stixx Creative workshops suit a range of educational settings and community projects:

Primary and Secondary STEM Education 

Transition Year


Green Schools themes

Community/ Public Art projects

CPD for Educator

Creative Workshops for Business Clients

Stixx Projects

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